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Gill Goode  -  The Voice of The Shakedown


Sassy powerhouse Gill Goode delivers her own brilliant vocal take on rockabilly...while she pounds on a snare drum! This kitten can take it from a sultry purr to a ballsy deliverance with ease, all while delivering the beats!

I think it's all about going on stage and entertaining people.  Putting on a show and having an image is the key to it all.  That's what the Sun Records Elvis did and that's my kind of rockabilly.

Well, I don't like to sound like anybody else and I don't model my voice on anyone in particular, it's just me doing my thing.  If I do have to pick a favourite who always inspires me to keep things rockin' then it has to be Johnny Burnette from  the "Rock n' Roll Trio" days - that's just awesome.

Our band plays original music - that is so important to us and makes us a real band.  That can be a rarity with this form of music.  Davey writes the songs and he writes just great stuff for me to sing, great lyrics and great tunes.  Singing in this band has to be the best job in the world.  The songs just emerge from Davey and we all kick in to find the right feel and stamp our own authority into it.

Photos by Keith Thompson Calgary, Alberta