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Kim Goode  -  The Bass of The Shakedown

Kim Goode

Photos by David Hodges @ Atlantic Exposure

Rockabilly bass legend Ray Campi and Sun recording artists' Sonny Burgess and Rayburn Anthony all agree she's one of the best upright bass players around! Kim Goode beats up the doghouse like no one else, with a style all of her own and a natural talent for the instrument. If you haven't already you need to see this girl play!

Well, I started out playing rhythm guitar but always had my eyes and ears on the bass player - the instrument is just so cool - it was a natural step to play it.  A well set up bass sounds awesome, it's the essence of rockabilly and playing something with that much thump just rocks.  Add to that the percussive side of the Double bass with the slap and you have perfection.  Doghouse Bass - there's nothing else like it.

Going back to roots music (as they call it) and listening to where rock n' roll came from has to be the best way to learn your craft.  You take it all in and then go do your thing!

Willie Dixon, Marshall Lytle, Bill Black, Dorsey Burnette, wow there are so many!.  If I had to choose one, I'd have to say Willie Dixon, he was the roots for all of them, with a style most definitely of his own - but then again Marshall Lytle just nails that "Bouncy Bass" sound.  The other day I was listening to Tal Farlow's "Opus" and his bass player came in with a solo that was just incredible!.  I am always listening I and stamp my own style on what I play

It's an honour for me to play in this band.  Although we're family, I'm still working with talented musicians and at my age that is something special.  We have a great band, we work so well together and that makes the rest of it easy.  I think that that's why the audience gets it - they latch into what we are doing and get with the beat - Rockabilly Rules!